Organic Certification

In India, the quality of the product has always been a major concern, and to address this issue; the GEC has introduced a certification mark to assure that the organic quality of the farmed produce matches worldwide standards.

Today we have emerged as one of the spearhead companies in organic certification and ensure that we strictly comply with a set of standards as put forward by NPOP.The GEC is also takes care of NPOP and NOP certification as per the guidelines APEDA. The India’s organic certification process under NPOP has been considered equivalent with European Unions. The farmers must know more about these certifications and their importance. Our main objective is to reach out to farmers and help them get accredited as per the guidelines set for quality certification.

The people in and around the world are ready to pay higher prices for the best quality organic products. As a matter of fact, many products that reach the market are tagged as organic by name but prove wrong, and here is where GEC ensures its customers that the products labeled with the” GEC Organic” logo are purely and genuinely organic.

So if you are planning to get Organic Certification in India, we at GEC are here to guide you through the process:

Our Services

Our Services extend to obtaining an Organic Certificate for all types of food from agricultural products, wild harvest, processed foods, for foods that are served in restaurants, and even beauty and cosmetic products.

The time for getting the certificate varies from business to business. The approximate time to get a certificate for a farm is two years, for a fruit orchard, it takes almost 3 years. A diary land can obtain its certification in about three months, and the fastest of all is the food processing unit that can obtain its certification in just a couple of weeks after application.

When we talk about the cost of obtaining the ceritificate, our price is based on three factors ie application fee, inspection charges, and also an annual certification fee. Our quotes are the best in the market and is based on the type of product to be certified and also the size of the operation.

If you are serious about getting the organic certification, why waiting for? Get in touch with us as we guide you through the certification process in the most hassle free way.


1. The first and foremost step is to apply for the certification through accredited organic certification body such as GEC.

2. Get the documents reviewed and inspected by GEC external auditor in collaboration with the applicant’s internal quality manager.

3. After completion of all reviews and verification process, the GEC Certification committee shall decide and issue the certification.

4. Once the certificate has been issued, the applicants can use the logo “ GEC Organic” on their produce.